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VMware backup proxy not visible on Druva console
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

The VMware backup proxy is not visible on Druva console. The following is error is displayed in the /var/log/Phoenix/main_service.log:

[info] Verifying proxy host connections.....

[Error] Unable to connect to proxy server: invalid literal for int()with base 10:

[Error] Unable to delete entries: 'PROXY USER'


This issue is encountered for backup proxy using a static or dynamic IP address and when web proxy is used.

This error is encountered in the following scenarios:

  • The web proxy address/username is incorrect or configured but not present in the environment.

  • Not able to connect to the proxy server given while configuring the backup proxy.

  • If the backup proxy was already updated, it is shown as “Not connected” in the Phoenix Console.

  • This issue can also be seen during the activation phase of the backup proxy where the activation fails.


  1. Shutdown the (vCenter) backup proxy and correct the settings for the web proxy. See, Reconfigure backup proxy settings.

  2. After the settings are corrected, start the backup proxy.

  3. vCenter/ backup proxy will be visible on the Druva console.

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