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SQL backups fail with the error PHOENIX185
Updated over a week ago

Problem description

SQL backups in Phoenix fail with the error

PHOENIX185 - Maximum limit for fsetinfo should not be exceeded allowd limit [32768].


The SQL backups fail if the SQL writers on the SQL server are in a failed state. The SQL writers can fail due to low disk space conditions, low memory on the SQL server, or infrequent maintenance of the SQL databases. The SQL writers can also fail if the SQL writers fail to snap a large number of databases.


The backup job fails with:

Backup job for job id:<jobid> finished with status: [Failed]

Phoenix.log shows:

[ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> SqlAgent :SQL backup failed: Maximum limit for fsetinfo should not be exceeded allowd limit [32768] (#1000000b9) (Error Code : PHOENIX185)
File "agentPartnerProcess.pyc", line 85, in _process_request_start
File "agents\sqlserver\SqlAgent.pyc", line 62, in process_backup_start
File "agents\sqlserver\SqlBackup.pyc", line 267, in estimate
File "agents\sqlserver\SqlDataManager.pyc", line 587, in estimate
File "agents\sqlserver\SqlDataManager.pyc", line 200, in estimate
File "roboClientLib\phoenixApi.pyc", line 2170, in end_fileset
File "roboClientLib\phoenixApi.pyc", line 2240, in _init_share
File "roboClientLib\phoenixApi.pyc", line 2219, in _create_syncsetobj
File "roboClientLib\phoenixApiCore.pyc", line 694, in __init__
File "roboClientLib\phoenixApiCore.pyc", line 881, in __get_fset_info
SyncError: Maximum limit for fsetinfo should not be exceeded allowd limit [32768] (#1000000b9) (Error Code : PHOENIX185)

Application log on the SQL server shows

Log Name: Application
Source: VSS
Event ID: 12341
Volume Shadow Copy Warning: VSS spent 0x000000000000003c seconds trying to flush and hold the volume \\?\Volume{15f6de45-ab93-11e4-95b0-806e6f6e6963}\. This might cause problems when other volumes in the shadow-copy set timeout waiting for the release-writes phase, and it can cause the shadow-copy creation to fail. Trying again when disk activity is lower may solve this problem.


Executing Asynchronous Operation
Writer name: 'SqlServerWriter'
Writer Id: {a65faa63-5ea8-4ebc-9dbd-a0c4db26912a}
Writer Instance Id: {2d8e0f3c-c8aa-41ef-b329-fc0a24ca24cf}
State: [8] Failed
Last error: Non-retryable error


To resolve this issue, work with your SQL Administrator to perform the following tasks:

  1. Run maintenance tasks on the SQL databases. Also, delete SQL databases that are no longer required. Refer to the Microsoft documentation on Use the Maintenance Plan Wizard for more information.

  2. You may need to reboot the SQL server to bring the VSS and SQL writers to a stable state.

  3. Review the free disk space and available memory on the SQL server and increase them if necessary.

  4. Create multiple backup sets for the SQL server in Phoenix, and distribute the databases to be backed up across these backup sets.

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