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File Server/NAS backup completes with status: Successful with errors
File Server/NAS backup completes with status: Successful with errors
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

Phoenix backups of NAS or File Server complete with the status: Successful with errors.

The backup logs indicate multiple reasons for such a backup with errors. This article discusses the various solutions to this issue based on the error messages observed in the backup logs.


The following table lists the error messages that you may encounter upon the completion of backup and their corresponding cause and resolution.

Error messages

Cause and resolution

Failed to read an encrypted file

Phoenix agent does not support backup of encrypted files.

The admin users can exclude encrypted files from the backup.

Failed to open file

If an application has an exclusive lock, then Phoenix agent does not back up the file.

Failed to read at offset

This is a generic OS error and indicates that the file might be corrupt.

Check file system integrity.

File/Folder inaccessible during estimation

Usually, this error comes up for temporary files and indicates that the files were removed during the backup cycle from their location.

The admin users can exclude temporary files from the backup.

File not accessible

The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file. If VSS is unable to create a snapshot, it falls back to live backup. The files that are in use are usually inaccessible as they are locked by another process.

See the VSS basic troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue.

Failed to backup because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.

The Windows operating system passes on this message to Phoenix. You can exclude the specific file from backups or regularly scan it using anti-virus softwares.

Invalid UTF-8 Character(s) in path

These files are not supported on Linux.


To verify if the solution worked, trigger a backup after making the above changes. The backup should complete successfully.

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