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App aware backup completes successfully with VM State: poweredOff error
App aware backup completes successfully with VM State: poweredOff error
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Problem description

App aware backup completes successfully with “VM State: poweredOff” error.


This issue occurs if app aware backup is triggered for a Virtual Machine which is in poweredOff state.


Download the job logs with the steps provided in the Logs section and extract the logs and navigate to the Phoenix<YYYY/MM/DD>-<timestamp>.log file . Check if you have the below traceback in the logs.

  host = 'vim.HostSystem:ha-host',
   connectionState = 'connected',
   powerState = 'poweredOff',
   faultToleranceState = 'notConfigured',
   dasVmProtection = <unset>,
   toolsInstallerMounted = false,
[2020-01-15 23:02:56,303] [WARNING] VM Tools is either not installed or not running for vm: Kislay_cc_SQL_phx. Application aware backup would have just VM backup and would complete with Successful with errors

To verify the same from the Progress Logs on the Phoenix Management Console:

  1. Go to the Jobs page, and open the VMware tab.

  2. Click the Job ID that completed with errors.

  3. On the Job Details page, open the Progress Logs tab to view the logs.



Start the VM for app aware processing to complete successfully.


Once the changes are done, trigger the backup job again and it should complete successfully without errors.

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