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AMI backups fail with instance does not have a volume attached at root error
Backup to Druva Cloud fails at the step "aws/monitor/btdcbackup" with the Error: "Failed to prepare backup sources"
Adding Client Credentials fails with the Error 'Credential with this name already exists. Provide a unique name'
Backup of RDS instance fails when attempting over 100 manual snapshots
Cannot add resources to DR Plan
Cloning an Environment in CloudRanger fails with Error "The vpc 'vpc-aaabbb111222' has dependencies and cannot be deleted. Resource handler returned message: "Request limit exceeded"
Deleting an existing Environment in Druva CloudRanger fails with the Error: Cannot read property 'stack name' of null
Cloning an Environment in CloudRanger fails with: "One or more errors occurred: The maximum number of addresses has been reached - "The vpc 'vpc-111222333444' has dependencies and cannot be deleted."
EC2 backups with VSS enabled fail in CloudRanger with the Error 'An error occurred in the SSM command. no AMI was created'
Copying images of EC2 BillingProduct codes to another AWS account fails
Failed to create a snapshot - SSMCommandInvocation - ExecutionTimedOut
EC2 Instance Backup fails in CloudRanger at the step 'aws/monitor/consistentinstancesnapshot'
EC2 backups with VSS enabled fail in CloudRanger with the Error 'You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression At C:\ProgramData\Amazon\SSM\InstanceData\...\document\orchestration\...\awsrunPowerShellScript\0.awsrunPowerShellScript script.ps1'
Cross-Region Backup of RDS Database fails with the Error 'Option group rdsexample1-12345678901234567890 does not exist'
EC2 backups fail with AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell is not installed
How to resolve if DR job fails with an error “Tag values may only contain unicode letters, digits, whitespace, or one of these symbols: . : / = - @",”
FLS indexing jobs are failing with Instance terminated early error
Executing the backup policy fails with error “No policy found with that id in this Organization”
Login Error Couldn’t complete your authentication request
File-level search jobs fail with no default VPC for this user error
FLS Index Job fails in CloudRanger with the Error: "The instance configuration for this AWS Marketplace product is not supported. Please see the AWS Marketplace site for more information about supported instance types, region, and operating systems."
Multi-Factor Authentication failure with invalid security token error
RDS Database Backup fails in CloudRanger with the Error: Cannot create a snapshot because the database instance xxxyyyzzz is not currently in the available state. Retrying in 600 seconds
How to increase the page size output result for the CloudRanger event API
Instance does not have an AMI within its timeframe
Restore of AMI not working as Private IP is not within the valid subnet range
Restore of an EBS Volume as an instance gets stuck in the CloudRanger Console
Manual and scheduled backup jobs are not running with cloud ranger
Snapshot and instance names do not match
Troubleshoot Archive to S3
Unable to create a snapshot as the database instance is not in available state
Read only admin cannot enable MFA
Rules Per Security Group Limit Exceeded
Unable to generate reports on CloudRanger
Unable to power on the instance using server schedule
Unable to configure verification page
Unable to activate Windows license after restore as an instance from snapshot
Unable to specify Environment Mappings while creating a DR policy
Unable to update CloudFormation stack "The specified bucket does not exist"
Unable to populate KMS keys for encrypted instances while trying to copy to secondary region
Unable to open files after restoring snapshots of Windows EC2 instance
Updating CloudFormation stack gives error: CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner
Update of CloudFormation stack fails with error: "CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner" - CREATE FAILED
User is blocked
VPC Cloning fails
Zapier Integration will not be fired due to the current plan