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Restore of an EBS Volume as an instance gets stuck in the CloudRanger Console
Restore of an EBS Volume as an instance gets stuck in the CloudRanger Console
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Problem description

  • A Restore of an EBS Volume as an instance gets stuck in the CloudRanger Console.

  • The Restore gets stuck and does not make any progress.

  • There is no 'Step' created for the Restore session.

  • When opening the Restore Session by clicking the Restore Job ID, the Error below appears in the console: Something went wrong, please refresh the page.

  • Upon refreshing the page the Error appears again.

  • Other Types of Restore of the EBS Volume ('File Level Recovery' and 'Restore as a Volume') may complete successfully.


  • The reason why the Restore gets stuck is that during the CloudRanger Restore of the EBS Volume as an instance, some AWS calls get the response 'UnauthorizedOperation' when CloudRanger tries to create the restored instance.

  • This issue is caused by using an old Version of the CloudRanger AWS access template that is now out of date.


To resolve this issue you need to update your Existing AWS Access Roles in Druva CloudRanger by updating the CloudFormation template used by CloudRanger to access your AWS account.

Updating access roles

  1. Log into your Druva CloudRanger console and navigate to the account to be updated.

  2. Click Settings on the left navigation pane. Alternatively, you may use the Settings icon on the main AWS Accounts page to navigate to Account Settings.

  3. Click Update Configuration under AWS Access.

  4. Copy the CloudFormation URL or download the template.

  5. Login to your AWS Console and navigate to the CloudFormation page. Select the stack that you previously created when configuring CloudRanger, and then click Update.

  6. On the Update stack page, select Replace current template. Then paste the CloudFormation URL into the Amazon S3 URL text box.

  7. Click Next on the Specify stack details and Configure stack options pages.

  8. You will be able to preview the changes before you click Update stack to confirm the CloudFormation changes to resources.

Your IAM role and AWS account access should now be updated with the latest permissions, allowing you to take advantage of any new functionality that is released.

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