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How to remove CloudRanger roles and policies from AWS account
How to remove CloudRanger roles and policies from AWS account
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  • Product edition: CloudRanger


This article provides steps to remove CloudRanger roles and policies from an AWS account. You may have created the roles and policies for test and want to remove them after completion. In cases where you manage multiple customer AWS accounts through CloudRanger, you may want to remove an AWS account if the account holder wants to move away from CloudRanger.

💡 Tip

Removing a CloudRanger roles and policies does not remove any data from the AWS account

Remove an AWS account

On the CloudRanger Management Console:

  1. Select the AWS account that needs to be removed from the drop down list.

  2. Select the gear icon Gearnew to open the Account Settings page.

  3. Copy the complete ARN under AWS Access and save this in a notepad for future reference.

  4. Open the CloudFormation stack used to create this account and ensure the ARN value of the stack matches the ARN of the account in CloudRanger.

  5. Select ‘Actions’ and ‘Delete Stack’ and confirm the Deletion.

  6. Once the stack deletion is completed, all the policies and roles associated with CloudRanger are also removed.

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