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How to clone an environment in CloudRanger
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: CloudRanger


With the introduction of Automated Disaster Recovery 2.0 in CloudRanger, there is an option to create Environments.

With environments you can:

  • Encapsulate sections of your cloud infrastructure

  • Identify VPC components and group them into environments

  • Create environments to enable CloudRanger to manage Automatic Disaster Recovery of resources using Disaster Recovery Plans

You can clone environments to other regions and AWS accounts and also download as a CloudFormation template. This is especially helpful when you want to clone only a specific VPC with specific subnets and security groups from one region to another, instead of cloning the entire VPC .

Clone an environment

On the ClourdRanger Management Console:

  1. Click the Environments under Infrastructure.

  2. Select the environment that you want to clone and click Clone. The options available for cloning are displayed.

  3. Select the AWS account and region to which you want to clone and click Clone. CloudRanger begins to clone the environment in the selected Account and Region.

  4. Once the cloning is complete, go into Created status and verify the cloned environment.

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