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How to connect to VPC in a different region after DR
How to connect to VPC in a different region after DR
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  • Product edition: CloudRanger


In the event of a disaster scenario, you can use CloudRanger ADR policy to execute a DR policy. The policy performs a Disaster Recovery and spins up the instances included in the policy to the destination region using the VPC configured in the policy.

Connect to VPC in a different region

When CloudRanger clones the environment during a DR policy setup, it creates the clone to he best possible extent inside the network that is atomic. However, VPN connections require a setup on he actual VPN side which must be set up by the network team. The set up steps are provided below:

  1. Set up the DR Policy using the option to clone the environment to create a complete copy of the current environment in the destination region. See Create a DR plan and perform DR testing for Amazon EC2 for information on setting up the DR plan.

  2. Set up your VPN to the new cloned VPC that was created.

  3. Once this is configured, you can connect to the cloned VPC. This helps during DR scenario where all the instances are launched in the destination region and the only way to connect to them is by connecting with the cloned VPC.

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