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SSO setup FAQs
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This article applies to:

  • OS: NA

  • Product edition: CloudRanger


Does CloudRanger allow the use of third-party identifier as an authentication service?

Yes, using CloudRanger you can set up third-party identifier and avail Single Sign-On authentication.

Does CloudRanger support IdP based or service provider authentication?

Currently, CloudRanger provides only servicer provider based authentication. That means any authentication request generated from CloudRanger to IdP will be served.

Which are the IdPs supported by CloudRanger?

CloudRanger supports the following IdPs for SSO:

  • Active Directory/LDAP

  • ADFS

  • Google Apps

  • IP Addressing Authentication

  • Microsoft 365

  • PingFederate

  • SAML Identity Provider

  • Sharepoint APs

  • Microsoft Azure AD

Will CloudRanger help me set up an SSO that is outside the above list?

Contact Druva Support for assistance in this configuration.

How to get assistance in setting up one of the supported SSO for CloudRanger?

Contact Druva Support for all your SSO-related queries and for assistance in setting up the same.

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