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Troubleshoot Archive to S3
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Problem Description

Archive of an EC2 is not running to completion

Possible Causes


1. S3 Bucket is not created

This can be caused by several factors including the following:

  • Insufficient access to create the bucket

  • Quota has been reached for the number of buckets


  • Review the error from the failed step for further information.

  • Review the IAM policy associated with the account and ensure the needed permission is present.

  • Request a quota increase within the account. The default quota is 100 buckets, but this can be increased daily easily if needed.

2. Archiver instance is not running

Review the running EC2 instances in the designated region, and verify that a CloudRanger S3 Archiver instance is running. If it is running proceed to the next steps

3. S3 Endpoint is not reachable

This can be caused by various reasons including the following:

  • Endpoint was not created or was deleted.

  • Security group associated with the archiver instances does not allow DNS. and HTTPS out.

  • No route is available from the subnet associated with the archiver instance.


  • Ensure there is an S3 gateway endpoint created for the VPC.

  • Run the AWS reachability analyzer to ensure connectivity.

  • For best results:

    • Source Type: Instances

    • Source: <Running CloudRanger S3 Archiver instance>

    • Source IP: <IP of selected instance>

    • Destination type: VPC Endpoints

    • Destination: <S3 VPC Endpoint ID>

    • Destination Port: None

    • Protocol: TCP

After the path is analyzed the details should provide more information and direction.

4. Archiver script is not running properly

Collect the syslog of a running archiver instance to troubleshoot this further.

To do this:

  • Start an archive job if there are none currently running.

  • Get the archiver instance id from the s3/monitor/archiveinstance step.

  • Find the archiver instance in AWS EC2 console and ensure the instance state is Available.

  • Select the instance and Choose Actions, Monitor and troubleshoot, Get system log, Download.

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