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License Utilization FAQ
Updated over a week ago


  • Do we count EBS volume as protected resources?

    Here is the breakdown of how EBS volumes and EC2 instances are counted from a license utilization perspective.

  • License utilization exceeded .Contact Druva Support for details.

    This is not an error per say, rather it's a recent enhancement that went live in the console highlighting situations where a Customer is using more licenses than what is covered in their existing plan. Prior to this update, this info was not available on the console.

  • Help us to understand why we see the ”License utilization” message and how we can avoid this happening in the future?

    The message will automatically be removed once the licenses utilized are equal or under the licenses allowed. To increase their licenses, the user can click the Upgrade button then click the Contact Us button. A member of the sales team will then reach out to them.
    There is also a new report type added to the Reports screen entitled Licensing where the Customer can run a report for the past 30 days which provides a breakdown of the licenses utilized.

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