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Are the snapshots with the description "autogenerated by CloudRanger" and "created by CreateImage" created by CloudRanger?

Yes. Snapshots with descriptions containing the above text strings are created by CloudRanger.

How to differentiate between snapshots create by CloudRanger and by any other source (manual or third-party)?

If the snapshot is created by CloudRanger, its tag displays "created by application" and value is displayed as "CloudRanger".

Will the existing policies and schedules get deleted from CloudRanger if the CloudFormation stacks are removed temporarily? How to reconfigure CloudRanger with AWS using the same Stack Name?

No. Temporarily deleting CloudFormation tacks does not delete the current policies and schedules from the CloudRanger account. However, save the old CloudRanger Role ARN to be able to reconfigure CloudRanger using the same stack name.

For example, the Role ARN is arn:aws:iam::746615017976:role/cloudranger-XYZ-CloudRanger-ABCDEFGHIJ, save the stack name cloudranger-XYZ.

To reconfigure CloudRanger with AWS using the same stack name:

  1. Log in to the AWS and CloudRanger Console.

  2. Copy AWS Access role link from CloudRanger.

  3. Go to AWS Console and go to CloudFormation.

  4. Click Create to start the CloudFormation Stack.

  5. Add the stack name noted earlier (cloudranger-XYZ)

  6. Refresh the Stack until the status is CREATE_COMPLETE.

  7. Go to Outputs list and copy the ARN value.

  8. Save the ARN value in CloudRanger.

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