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How to extend the retention for particular resources
How to extend the retention for particular resources
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Procedure to alter the retention of only specific resources. There are multiple reasons why this would be needed, and the more specific information that is available the more consistent the procedure will be.

Procedure title

  1. Identify the resources that need to have the retention altered.

  2. Create a new policy with the desired retention.

  3. On the top navigation bar, click Policies and then select the policy you wish to import.

  4. Click the


    icon, and then click Import Backups.

  5. Now the import wizard will launch. The more specific the information provided the more consistent the results will be.

    • Note it may be needed to identify resources in AWS, and tag them manually to facilitate this process. Please also be aware that an account sync may be needed to ensure the wizard is able to see the desired tags.

  6. Click Continue to proceed to the Retention Review step. Please pay careful attention to the items displayed here, and confirm the appropriate number of resources are identified.

  7. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Please note that there is currently no way to verify the new retention has been applied other than to monitor the resources in AWS. If further assistance is needed please contact support.

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