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How to interpret stats for a backup cycle
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows and Mac

  • Product edition: inSync Client


This article explains how to interpret the stats of a backup cycle that are available in the inSyncClient.log

Interpret stats of a backup cycle

For every backup cycle, the corresponding logs are recorded in inSyncClient.logs available at:

  • For Windows:C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4\users\<Username>\logs

  • For Mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/inSync/logs

  • For Linux: /home/<username>/.inSync/logs

Within the inSyncClient.log, the stats for any backup cycle are available at the last line in the log and appear as shown below:

[2019-10-21 23:48:10,019] [INFO] Finished backup cycle.
[2019-10-21 23:48:10,019] [INFO] Stats for this cycle: storage=9, stats: {'started': 1553235978, 'status': '', 'ignFilesMissed': 0, 'used': 273962902948L, 'filesTotal': 3, 'filesSynced': 3, 'errno': 0, 'bwUsed': 146813, 'ended': 1553237290, 'sizeTotal': 6267429888L, 'filesMissed': 0, 'allocated': 322122547200L, 'bwLimit': 'LAN: 25%,WAN: 25%'}

The table below helps you interpret the stats shown above:




Start time of the backup cycle mentioned in Epoch Time


Number of files that failed to get backed up due to error at file level such as permission issue, file not found, path too long etc.


Total size of data available in the device configured for backup. This value is in Bytes.


Total number of new or modified files detected in the backup cycle.


Total number of files synced or backed up.


Error number in case of any error during backup


Net amount of data transferred to the server after deduplication. This is in Bytes.


End time of backup cycle mentioned in Epoch Time


Total size of the changed data detected for the backup cycle. This is in Bytes.


Number of files missed in the backup cycle.


Represents user quota in Bytes


Max bandwidth configured.

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