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How to understand backup stats log printed after every backup cycle
How to understand backup stats log printed after every backup cycle
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inSync client prints the backup statistics post completion of every backup cycle. Knowing the parameters included in the backup stats logs helps in having a better understanding and evaluation of the logs.

Understanding the log parameters

Here is an example of a typical backup log


๐Ÿ“ Note

 stats: {
'status': 'Finished backup.',
'ignFilesMissed': 0,
'used': 45642039,
'filesTotal': 24,
'started': 1475676229,
'errno': 0,
'filesSynced': 24,
'bwUsed': 38982009,
'ended': 1475676396,
'sizeTotal': 45642039L,
'filesMissed': 0,
'allocated': 0L,
'bwLimit': 'Unlimited'

Following table explains the parameters found in backup stats logs.

Parameter name



Shows the last backup cycle status.

  • If there were errors, errors are printed here.

  • If there was a system fault or successful backup, this field is left blank. If there was a system fault, those errors are logged the in database but are not printed in the logs, and status is kept as status=''.


Shows count of files which were missed during backup due to permission errors, failed to read errors. The count also includes files which were missed or ignored.


Shows total count of files found during estimation of a backup cycle. This also includes MAPI share. Each MAPI share is counted as one file.


Shows backup started time (Epoch time).


Shows count of errors. It contains auth errors, auth retry errors, account disabled errors, no folders to backup errors, failed to backup, and so on.


Shows count of files synced in the backup cycle.


Time when backup ended (Epoch time).


Count of total MAPI errors.


Quota allocated for the user.


Changed data or incremental size of data (in bytes) getting backed up in that specific backup cycle.


Snapshot size or total data (In bytes) getting backed up.


Size of data in bytes being transferred over the wire in that backup cycle. This also contains bandwidth used to upload logs. Therefore, bwUsed will show some value as it still uploads logs to server even when no file is backed up during a cycle.

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