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View last backup details
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Applicable to Client versions -

Windows - v7.1.0 & above | macOS - v6.5.1, 7.1.0 & above | Linux - v5.9.x & above


You can view the last backup details of the inSync Client. The following table lists the information available in the Details window.



Last Attempt

Timestamp of when the backup was last attempted.

Files Transferred

The cumulative number of files transferred between successive backup cycles.

Bytes transferred

Cumulative value of bytes transferred over the network between successive backup cycles.

As the inSync Client optimizes data before backup, this value can be less than the actual size of the files.

Files missed

The number of files that the inSync Client could not back up.

Backup Remaining

The size of data yet to be backed up. This field is displayed only when a backup is interrupted, and backup estimation is completed before the interruption.

To view the details of the last backup:

  1. Start the inSync Client.

  2. Select the Backup & Restore tab, and in the right pane below the last backup status, click the Details link.

    backup complete1.png

    The last backup details are displayed.

    backup complete details.png
  3. You can view the approximate size of the directory; that is configured by you and the administrator in the Backup Content section.

    πŸ“ Note
    ​If the administrator restricts a folder that you had selected for backup previously, "Folder excluded from backup" is displayed against that folder in the Backup Content area. For more information on folders that are excluded from backup by the administrator, see View Global Exclusions list.

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