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User Workload Report

View backup status, activity logs, and summary for user workloads

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The report provides you with a comprehensive view of the user workloads managed by Druva, displaying the backup status, activity logs, and summary information for each user's data and workloads in a consolidated manner.

The following screenshot depicts a sample User Workload Report.




Quick Filters

  • Workload: Select the desired workload from the drop-down menu.

  • Profile: Select the user profile by which you want to filter.

  • Storage: Select the storage region for which you'd like to view data.

  • Last Backup Status: Select the desired last backup status of the workload.


  • Total Workload: The number of workloads (apps) configured.

  • Enabled Workload: The number of enabled workloads.

  • Disabled Workload: The number of disabled workloads.

  • Total Backup Data (GB): The total size of the backed-up data for all the Enabled and Disabled workloads.

Workload Details

  • Workload Distribution: The pie chart depicts workloads for the selected profile, such as Exchange Online and OneDrive. Hovering on the individual legends of the graph displays the count of workloads.

  • Last Backup Status of Enabled Workloads: The pie chart depicts the last backup status for enabled workloads, such as Never Backed Up, Backed Up Successfully, and Backed Up With Errors, and hovering on the individual legends displays the workload count for each status.

Workload Activity Details

  • User Name: The name of the user.

  • User Email ID: The email address of the user.

  • User Principal name: A unique identifier for user accounts

  • Added On: The date and time when the user was added.

  • Workload: The name of the M365 apps, such as OneDrive or Exchange Online.

  • Profile: The profile assigned to the user.

  • Preferred Data Location: The Preferred Data Location (PDL) for an M365 app data backup.

  • Storage: The storage region assigned.

  • App Status: The status of the app that is enabled or disabled.

  • Total Backup Data (MB): The data size in MB that was backed up.

  • Last Successful Backup: The date and time of the last successful backup.

  • Last Attempted Backup: The date and time of the last backup attempted.

  • Last Backup Status: The status of the last backup operation.

  • Status Details: Displays the error code, if any, such as EAUTH.


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