How to collect logs from an iOS Device?
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For troubleshooting any inSync app issues on iOS, Druva Support may request you to provide detailed logs of the app activity. This KB provides information on how the logs can be collected from an iOS device.

If you have had your iOS device connected for some time, you may need to clear the logs if you are trying to reproduce a specific issue/error. Apple devices log many lines of code, so it is helpful to clear out the logs before reproducing an error so we can pinpoint the trouble area.

❗ Important

Please save the log as soon as you receive an error. Refrain from using the Apple device after the error is reproduced as it creates more entries in the log.

Collect logs from an iOS device


  1. Download the Apple Configurator 2 utility for your operating system.
    For Mac:

  2. You must have your apple device connected and recognized by your computer.


  1. Start the Apple Configurator 2 utility. It opens the Devices page, which displays the connected Apple devices.

  2. Click the mobile device from which you want to collect the console logs. The utility displays the device info.
    For example, the device name in the image below is PanPod.

  3. Click Console to view the console logs.

  4. Save the console logs to a file. You can share the log file with your administrator or as required to diagnose the inSync issues.

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