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Download OneDrive data
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As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can download the OneDrive backed up data using the inSync Management Console. Additionally, inSync users can use the inSync Web to download the OneDrive backed up data.

❗ Important

  • When an administrator or a user downloads data, inSync automatically detects the operating system and downloads the data in the appropriate archive format. On Mac OS, now the data is automatically downloaded in the .tar.gz or tar archive format, and on the Windows OS, the data is downloaded in the .zip archive format.

  • Administrator can view the snapshots of OneDrive devices in UTC time zone.

For download, you can also use search to easily find files and then download them.

πŸ“ Note

On Windows OS, if the compressed zip file size is too large, you may experience error unzipping the file using Windows Explorer. In such scenarios, you may choose another utility to unzip such large data sets.


  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users .

  2. On the Users page, click the required user name to download data.

  3. Click the Backups tab and select the required Data Source . The Snapshots list is displayed.

πŸ“ Note

The quarantined snapshot is marked with the locker icon, and the latest unquarantined (clean) snapshot is marked with the exclamation mark icon that you cannot delete. For more information, see Ransomware Recovery for M365 .

  1. Select the required snapshot and click Restore Data. The Restore Data window is displayed .

  2. On the Restore Data window, click the device and then select the snapshot which you want to download. You can also search for the files that you want to download.

πŸ“ Note

The quarantined snapshot is marked with a red dot icon and you cannot restore or download data from the quarantined snapshot.


4. Select the files or folders that you want to download, and click Download .

5. Click OK .

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