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SharePoint Online FAQs

Quick answers related to configuration, backup, restores, and data governance

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This topic provides information about some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Druva inSync for SharePoint Online.

General SaaS Apps FAQs

Refer to the following topic for FAQs related to SaaS Apps; SaaS Apps FAQ

Configuration FAQs

How do I configure inSync to protect SharePoint Online data?

Refer to the following topic for details about how to configure inSync to protect SharePoint Online data

With the introduction of the Single App Mechanism, The SharePoints sites with Parent Correlation(Parent-Child Link) can be configured via Group Configuration as mentioned in the below steps in this article.

For Standalone SharePoint Online data: Configure inSync to protect SharePoint Online data

Backup FAQs

How to back up SharePoint Online data?

As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can schedule automatic backups or manually back up SharePoint Online data. To learn more, refer to the following topic: Backup SharePoint Online data

What data of SharePoint Online can inSync backup?

You can backup the following SharePoint Online data:

  • Team sites (Microsoft 365 Groups and Team’s hidden sites)

  • Classic sites

Within a site, inSync backs up the following:

  • Subsites

  • Document Libraries

  • Lists

  • Templates

  • Assets

  • Pages

  • Metadata associated with site collections, sites, libraries, lists, templates, assets, folders, files, and permissions.

What is the backup behavior if the SharePoint Site is deleted?

The backups for deleted SharePoint sites are failed, the inSync does not discover the deleted Sites, as a result you see an error: ESITENOTFOUND, the sites gets Auto disabled.

What happens if the SharePoint Sites are password-protected?

If the Site is password-protected, and the Global Admin Account used to configure inSync Cloud Apps has explicitly denied access to the questioned site, the backup will fail.

Restore FAQs

How to restore SharePoint Online data?

An inSync Cloud administrator can restore data using the inSync Management Console. An inSync end user does not have access to SPO backup data restore data.

To learn more, see Restore SharePoint Online data.

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