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Preserved Users Datasources Report

View details about preserved users across SaaS Apps, including consumed workloads, preservation date, and more.

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This report provides you with information on the users preserved in inSync. It includes information on the users preserved, their information, preserved on date, and the mode using which they were preserved.

The following table lists the fields in the Preserved Users Reports section.




Quick Filters

  • Mode: Select the mode through which the user is preserved.

  • Profile: Choose the user profile by which you want to filter.


  • Preserved Licenses Allocated: the number of licenses allocated for users no longer active in the organization.

  • Preserved License Consumed: the number of preserved licenses currently being used

  • Storage Consumed By Preserved User (GB): The total storage space used for data associated with Preserved Users.


  • User Name: The name of the user.

  • User Email ID: The email address of the user.

  • Profile: The profile assigned to the user.

  • SMB License - Displays the user's SMB license status.

  • M365 License - Displays the user's M365 license status, such as preserved or -. - indicates an unlicensed state.

  • Preserved On: The date on which the user was preserved.

  • Mode: The type of restore operation based on its origin such as Self/admin/web.

  • Auto Delete On: If Microsoft 365 is configured to auto-delete preserved users, the Auto Delete On column displays the system-calculated date on which the user will be deleted.


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