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Preserved User Datasources Report
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This report provides information on the users preserved in Endpoints. It also provides information about the workloads which consumed preserve licenses, the date on which they were preserved, and the mode used to preserve.

The following screenshot depicts a sample Preserved User Datasources Report.






Total Users Preserved - The total number of Endpoints users who have consumed preserved licenses.

Preserve Licenses Consumed - The total number of preserved licenses consumed.


The Preserved User Datasourcestable lists the following information:

  • User Name - The username of the preserved user.

  • User Email ID - The email address of the preserved user.

  • Profile Name - The profile name assigned to the preserved user.

  • Endpoints License - Displays the Endpoints license status of the user. For example, preserved or -. - indicates an unlicensed state.

  • Preserved On - The date on which the user was preserved.

  • Mode - Lists the mode through which the user is preserved.

    • Manual - The user is manually marked as preserved through Endpoints.

    • AD/LDAP - The user is marked as preserved as part of AD/LDAP sync process.

    • SCIM - The user is marked as preserved as part of the SCIM sync process

  • Auto Delete On - If Endpoints is configured to auto-delete preserved users, Auto Delete On column displays the system-calculated date on which the user will be deleted.


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