How inSync uses VSS for device backup?
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows

  • Product edition: inSync Client


inSync uses either of the following methods for volume backups:

  • Backup using VSS: When backup starts, inSync creates a snapshot of backup folders using VSS. inSync creates a backup of this snapshot. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync backup also fails. inSync does not take volume backups from the file system.

  • Backup from live data: inSync backs up data by reading files from the file system. If inSync detects a locked file, it creates a snapshot of the locked file and creates a backup of the locked file. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync does not back up the locked files.

💡 Tip

By default, backup using VSS is enabled.

Backup process

Considering the above scenarios, inSync uses one of the following methods to back up:

  • VSS snapshot gets created at the beginning of backup of a particular share. If inSync fails to create a snapshot, it triggers a live data backup.

  • Backup fails immediately if inSync encounters a VSS related error while reading the stats/data. It does not fall back to live data backup.

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