Server and Client log files
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This article describes the location and behavior of the log files saved on inSync Server and Client.

Server Logs

For Windows

Upto 5.3.1

Server logs are saved by default under “ C:\inSyncServer4 ” folder as ‘inSyncServer.log’, ‘inSyncServer.log.1’, ‘inSyncServer.log.2’, ‘inSyncServer.log.3’ and so on till ‘inSyncServer.log.40’. ‘inSyncServer.log’ is the latest log file. ‘inSyncServer.log’ is archived after it grows to the size of 10 MB and is then incremented to ‘inSyncServer.log.1’ and so on.

Only the latest 40 log files are maintained on the server, the older ones are deleted.

5.4 onwards

The logs files are saved under:

For Linux

The logs files are saved here: /var/log/inSyncCloud | | Configuration: /etc/inSyncCloud

Server Diagnostic Logs

Upto 5.3.1

Server diagnostics can be saved by navigating to Druva inSync Server Control Panel > Manage > Diagnostics > Save Server Diagnostics "

This will save log files on to the server at mentioned location. This is useful for collecting all the necessary server logs and general information to send it to the Druva Support as a single zip file while opening support tickets.

5.4 onwards

The path for inSyncServer diagnostic is as mentioned below:

Druva inSync Server Web Console --> Reporting -> Diagnostics -> Save Server Diagnostics.

Client Logs on Server

Client logs are saved on server as well as on client machines.

Upto 5.3.1

The inSync client logs for all the users are saved under “ C:\inSyncServer4\userlog\{user name} ” directory. Here {user name} is the name of the client machine and a separate folder is created for every client under the userlog directory.

5.4 onwards


5.8 onwards (for new Clients)


Client logs on Client

a) On Windows:

* All the inSync client logs from the client machine located under "inSync4\Users\(User Name)\logs\".

Scenario 1: A client version 5.8 or higher is freshly installed on the device, inSync4 folder would be under C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4 .

Scenario 2: If a client older than version 5.8 was installed on a device and later upgraded to 5.8 or above, the inSync4 folder would be located under on the root of C drive i.e. C:\inSync4 irrespective of the client version.

📝 Note
C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4 only gets created if the inSync Client is a fresh install and the version is 5.8 or above.

* Windows System and Application Event logs from the client system saved in .evt or .evtx format.

b) On Linux:

* All the logs from /home/<username>/.inSync/logs directory.

* The inSyncClient.cfg file saved in /home/<username>/.inSync directory.

* (i)All the /var/log/messages files

(ii)All the /var/log/dmesg files.

c) On Mac:

* The client logs from ~/Library/Application Support/inSync/logs directory.

* The inSync.cfg from ~/Library/Application Support/inSync directory.

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