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Bypass Outlook sync errors during backup
Bypass Outlook sync errors during backup
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Using inSync, you can allow users to backup emails from MS Outlook installed on their Windows laptop. inSync Outlook Advanced setting uses Messaging API. inSync provides you an advanced options for backup: Outlook - 2016/13/10/07 - Optimized for performance To know more, see Include emails for backup on Windows.

Bypassing Outlook sync errors

Corrupt email data inside MS Outlook has the following effect on backups from user laptops:

  • Optimized PST backups from user laptops fail.

  • Backups take a long time to complete.

  • Completed backups are listed under Backed up with Errors on the Backup Overview page on the inSync Management Console.

To improve the backup experience for users, you can bypass Outlook sync errors during backups. If you allow the bypass, inSync will not back up the corrupt email message from MS Outlook. Backups will be completed quickly, and the completed backups will be listed under Backed up Successfully on the Backup Overview page on the inSync Management Console.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹Bypassing Outlook sync errors during Optimized PST backups improves end-user experience with backups. However, it prevents you and the end-user from knowing if there were any issues while backing up the emails. As Sync will not backup any corrupt email data, users will not be able to restore those files later.

Procedure to bypass Outlook sync errors

Submit a request to Support asking them to bypass Outlook sync errors for your end-users. They will enable the functionality for you.

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