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How to re-establish ownership of orphaned shared folders?
How to re-establish ownership of orphaned shared folders?
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inSync administrators have no control over shared folders. If the owner of any shared folder leaves the organization, there is no way to transfer or regain ownership of such orphaned shared folder.

Druva suggests the following workarounds to regain ownership of the orphaned shared folders and its files:

Workaround 1: Download, rename and share

Prerequisite: inSync users must ensure there is enough space on their drive where the inSync share folder is downloaded.

  1. inSync user must download the shared folder, rename the folder, and share the folder again with the co-workers. If the folder is not renamed, it cannot be synced.

  2. Ask the collaborators to manually leave the old folder.

Workaround 2: Create a workspace and import folder data

inSync Administrator has control over workspaces and can add and remove users from it as needed. The user quota is not affected when sharing files on a workspace. The space is counted against the storage that the workspace resides on.

  1. inSync administrator can create a workspace and assign the group of users that managed the shared folder.

  2. Any one user from the group can import the data into the workspace from the shared folder. Collaborators of the group can access the shared folder content once it is imported.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹ Druva recommends using Workspace as a way of sharing files and folders among a group of users.

Reference: Workspaces

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