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How to add logo and customized text in the password email sent out to new users?
How to add logo and customized text in the password email sent out to new users?
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Product edition: inSync cloud and inSync Private Cloud


This article addresses the following requirements and scenarios:

  • Administrators may require to add a logo and modify the content of the password email which is sent to the user while resetting the password or while creating a new user.

  • Users may not read the entire content of the email. There is also a possibility that the email might be missed, assuming it to be a general notification email/alert from Druva or considering it to be a spam mail. This leads to inactivation of the user devices.

  • Large organizations might also filter the cloud admin emails to avoid flooding the end user inbox with unwanted emails.

inSync administrators can address the above-mentioned issues and more by modifying the content of the password email sent to the users. They can also insert a logo to attract more attention so that the mail is not missed.

Modifying the password email content:

  1. Login to Druva admin console using the administrator credentials.

  2. Click on the Users tab.

  3. Select the user for which you need to reset the password.

  4. Click on More > Reset Password. The Reset Password dialog box is displayed with the default email content.

  5. Enter the custom message that you want to send in the password email, as displayed in the image below.


πŸ“ Note
​ Do not change the password and user name field indicated in the image below. The rest of the body can be modified.


Inserting logo in the email message

  1. Replace LOGO URL in the following HTML script with the actual URL of the logo that you want to insert in the mail.
    ​<img src="LOGO URL"><br /><br />
    For example: If the logo URL is, the HTML script must appears as follows.
    ​<img src=""><br /><br />

  2. Insert the HTML script in the email at the place where you want the logo to appear.


The resulting email with the logo and custom message may appear as below:


Obtaining the logo URL

1. Open the website where the logo resides or logo is displayed.
2. Right-click on the logo and select Copy image address. The copied image address is the logo URL.
3. Paste the URL in a new browser tab to verify.

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