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Password Policy for Administrators
Updated over a week ago

Password Policy for organizations encourages the use of strong passwords and ensures that the administrators get added security for their Druva accounts.

❗ Important

Only a Druva Cloud Administrator can configure a Password Policy.

Password policy configurations

The Password Policy is enabled by default with mandatory settings that allow you to govern the password creation and control the password lifecycle.

The following table describes the password policy configurations:

Password configuration


Strong Password Strength

Minimum password length, which includes mandatory usage of alphanumeric characters including special characters, that help you build a strong password.

Password must have:

  • 12 - 64 characters

  • One upper case and one lower case letter

  • One number

  • One special character

Reset Password Policy

Prohibits the usage of old passwords when it is time to set a new password.

Cannot be the same as the last 5 passwords

Max Invalid Login Attempts

Provides additional security by temporarily blocking the administrator's account for a period of 30 minutes and prevents unauthorized access in the event of repeated invalid/failed login attempts.


Password Expires Every (Configurable)

Keeps the password healthy by enforcing a regular cycle of changing passwords as per the predefined intervals.

  • For inSync Public Cloud, password expiry is set to 1-99 days. The default is 60 days.

  • For inSync GovCloud, password expiry is set to 1-60 days. The default is 60 days.

To view and update the password expiry

  1. Go to Druva Console > Druva Cloud Settings > Access Settings.

  2. The Password Policy section displays the policy configurations.

  3. Only the Password Expiry configuration is editable.

Password Expiry for

  • inSync Public Cloud, the default is 60 days. Max allowed value is 99 days.

  • inSync GovCloud, the default is 60 days. Max allowed value is 60 days.

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