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Get started with OneDrive Data Protection

Protect OneDrive user's private files and folders.

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License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.


inSync extends its data availability and governance capabilities to OneDrive.

Using inSync, you can protect and backup OneDrive data which includes OneDrive user's private files and folders.

As a inSync Cloud administrator and user, you can retrieve and restore or download OneDrive data in the event of accidental deletion or malicious activities; for future reference and business continuity.

You can manage the OneDrive through the following:

  • Monitor the status of OneDrive using Alerts.

  • Get insights into the ongoing backup and restore activities on your OneDrive using Live Activities.

  • Generate reports to view a summary of events and activities that have occurred during a specific period.

inSync with Data Governance feature, allows you to analyze and identify usage trends of user data backup, globally search and filter files and folders across all devices, and set up real-time alerts to handle IT issues proactively. Also, view and track activities of inSync users and administrators using Audit Trails.

You can preserve user's OneDrive backup data and avoid data deletion by placing the users on legal hold. You can then access the user's legal hold data from Microsoft 365 by using WebDAV.


inSync offers the following benefits while protecting the OneDrive data:

  • Single access point to view and manage user's OneDrive data.

  • Automatically scan the data for compliance violations, thereby reducing the amount of time that IT personnel spend manually collecting and managing data.

  • Enable administrators to search and locate any file across all OneDrive data.

  • Proactively track, monitor, and get notified for compliance risks of OneDrive data in your organization.

Supported Microsoft 365 editions

inSync supports the following Microsoft 365 editions:

  • Microsoft 365 For Business

    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic

    • Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Microsoft 365 For Enterprise

    • Microsoft 365 E3

    • Microsoft 365 E5

    • Microsoft 365 F3

  • Office 365 For Enterprise

    • Office 365 E1

    • Office 365 E3

    • Office 365 E5

  • Government

    • Office 365 E1

    • Office 365 E3

    • Office 365 E5

  • Education

    • Office 365 A1

    • Office 365 A3

    • Office 365 A5

Data backed up by inSync for OneDrive

The user's private files and folders are backed up for OneDrive app.

πŸ’‘ Tip

inSync does not backup and restore metadata properties such as createdby, createddatetime, modifiedby, and modifieddatetime.

Supported inSync tasks for OneDrive

Backup of data

Restore of data to a custom location

Download of data by inSync Cloud administrator and inSync user

Enterprise Search

Legal Hold

Scan the data for compliance risks




πŸ“ Note

inSync user can download data from inSync Web only.




Data excluded from backups for OneDrive

Exclusion of Teams Meeting Recordings (Configurable)

OneDrive backups will exclude all files from the default folder path of Teams Meeting Recordings (TMR) to ensure optimized backup speed.

Required permissions for access to OneDrive

For more information about the required permissions to access and protect OneDrive data, see Microsoft 365 App Permissions for Druva App.

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