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eDiscovery Download Jobs Report
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This report provides information about all the Download Jobs created when you download custodian data from inSync Cloud using eDiscovery Download Client.

Access Path

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Reports and then click eDiscovery Download Jobs report.




Job ID

Unique ID of the download job.

❗ Important

inSync Cloud administrator, Legal administrator (with access to all Legal Holds), and Legal administrator with create and manage policies right, can view all download jobs, even if the Legal Hold policy has been deleted.

If you are an administrator with custom Legal Hold admin rights, then you can view download jobs only for the policies that have been assigned to you.


Current status of the download job.


If the job has failed, this field displays the error code for the failed job.

Start Time

Timestamp when the job was initiated.

End Time

Timestamp when the job completed.

Data Source Name

Name of the data source associated with this download job.

Custodian Name

Name of the custodian to whom the data source belongs.

Custodian Email ID

Email ID of the custodian.

Legal Hold Name

Name of the Legal Hold that the custodian is a part of.

Download Client

Name of the eDiscovery Download Client using which the job was initiated.

Download Location

Path to the directory of the downloaded files.

Data Type

Data and metadata or only metadata.

Data Downloaded (in Bytes)

Size of the data downloaded till now.

Total Data (in Bytes)

Total size of the download data.

Files Downloaded

The number of files that are already downloaded.

Total Files

The total number of files in the download data.

Job Created By

Name of the administrator who initiated the download job.

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