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Download data using eDiscovery Download Client
Download data using eDiscovery Download Client
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Once you create a legal hold policy, initiate a download job after 15 minutes for downloading the users' (custodian) data associated with that policy.

As inSync Cloud administrator and Legal administrators, there may be a scenario where you want to download data for users placed on legal hold. Druva provides an easy-to-use utility named eDiscovery Download Client‌, using which you can download the data for users (custodians) placed on legal hold. You can then share this data with your legal team for further action.

With the eDiscovery Download Client‌, you can download custodian data to a server or a device. eDiscovery Download Client‌ enables you to parallelly download data to multiple devices. Each client has a unique name that helps you to identify the client and segregate jobs by client name.

All initiated data downloads can be tracked through the Download Jobs page on the inSync Management Console.

Benefits of eDiscovery Download Client

  • Reduced dependency on third-party tools for downloading large amounts of legal hold data.

  • Fast and secure data downloads.

  • A single page to monitor and view the status of all data downloads.

  • Network-tolerant downloads with the ability to resume interrupted downloads.

  • Detailed error logs for easy troubleshooting.

  • Option to download only the metadata.

eDiscovery Download Client workflow

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