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eDiscovery Download Jobs Report
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What information does this report provide

This report displays a consolidated view of all the download jobs created when downloading custodian data using eDiscovery Download Client within a specified period.

How does the report help

This report allows you to view all the download jobs created when downloading custodian data using the eDiscovery Download Client and their job status distribution for all the supported workloads.

With this information available well in time, you can take corrective actions.

To access the report

You must either be a Druva Cloud Administrator or an administrator with View Reports rights assigned and the eDiscovery feature enabled.

Go to Druva Cloud Platform Console Global Navigation > Reports > Data Governance > eDiscovery Download Jobs Report.

Using the report

๐Ÿ“ Note:

By default, the period selected for the report is 18 months from the current date. For example, if today is December 1, 2023, the report displays data from June 1, 2022 to December 01, 2023.

The data in the reports is synced periodically. The report shows the Data last updated details.

The eDiscovery Download Jobs Report comprises the following sections:

Filters to get a report with more granular data



Job Triggered On

Select the download job triggered duration as per your requirement. By default, the 18-month count is displayed.

Summary view



Job Status Distribution

Graphical view of the consolidated number of download jobs based on the job status.

eDiscovery Download Jobs detail



Job ID

Unique ID of the download job.

โ— Important

inSync Cloud administrator, Legal administrator (with access to all Legal Holds), and Legal administrator with create and manage policies right, can view all download jobs, even if the Legal Hold policy has been deleted.
If you are an administrator with custom Legal Hold admin rights, then you can view download jobs only for the policies that have been assigned to you.


Current status of the download job.


If the job has failed, this field displays the error code for the failed job.

Start Time

Timestamp when the job was initiated.

End Time

Timestamp when the job completed.

Data Source

Name of the data source associated with this download job.


Name of the custodian to whom the data source belongs.

Custodian Email

Email ID of the custodian.

Legal Hold Name

Name of the Legal Hold that the custodian is a part of.

Legal Hold Type

Type of Legal Hold to which the custodian belongs.

Download Client

Name of the eDiscovery Download Client using which the job was initiated.

Download Location

Path to the directory of the downloaded files.

Data Type

Data and metadata or only metadata.

File Types

Type of files downloaded- Zip or Native.

Data Downloaded (in Bytes)

Size of the data downloaded till now.

Total Data (in Bytes)

Total size of the download data.

Files Downloaded

The number of files that are already downloaded.

Total Files

The total number of files in the download data.

Files checked for data integrity

The number of files for which data integrity check is performed.

Job Created By

Name of the administrator who initiated the download job.

Related actions

To leverage the report, you can perform the following actions:



Subscribe to report

You can schedule and subscribe to receive reports over email as a CSV file or a PDF. A subscription can be created for other members of the organization, too.

๐Ÿ“ Note:

By default, the data fetched in the report's timestamp follows the logged-in adminโ€™s time zone.

Email the report

You can email the report in CSV or PDF format to other recipients on demand.

Download widget data

You can download the widget data in CSV, CSV Summary, Excel, or PDF format.

Download eDiscovery download jobs details data

You can download the eDiscovery download jobs details data in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

Add Filters to get a report with more granular data

Global filter: You can create a global filter, page filter, or panel filter to fetch details based on your requirements.

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