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Microsoft Entra ID backup and restore FAQs
Microsoft Entra ID backup and restore FAQs

This article aims to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions with Druva's protection for Microsoft Entra ID.

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How do I enable Microsoft Entra ID backup in Druva?

To enable Microsoft Entra ID backup, contact support or sales.

What are the Microsoft Entra ID entities that Druva can backup?

For the list of entities that Druva can backup, see Microsoft Entra ID data that Druva protects.

What are the Druva roles that can manage Microsoft Entra ID protection in Druva?

Only cloud administrators have full permission on Entra ID protection. These admins have the ability to view/backup/restore/download objects and containers.

What are the permissions that Druva needs to protect Entra ID data?

For the list of permissions that Druva needs, see Permissions required for Microsoft Entra ID backup.

How do I run an ad-hoc backup job?

You can run an ad-hoc backup job from the Microsoft Entra ID overview page.

Where do I get a list of all backups?

The Backups tab of the Microsoft Entra ID overview page provides a list of all backups.

Can I restore data from multiple snapshots?

No, you can select and restore data from one snapshot only.

What is a job?

A job can be a backup job, a restore job, or a download job (when you request a download of a snapshot’s data.)

Where can I see all the jobs?

The jobs page provides the list of all the jobs tied to Microsoft Entra ID backup.

How do I reinstall the app on Microsoft Entra ID tenant?

On the overview page, click on the kebab menu > Re-Install App.

Rest of the steps are the same as installing the app for the first time.

What happens if I register a new Microsoft Entra ID tenant when I reinstall the app?

If you register a new tenant, then Druva backs up data from your current tenant while the data backed up from your previous tenant stays as is, alongside the new one.

No action is needed if you are reinstalling the app in the same tenant.

If I disable backups, can I still restore the data?

Yes, you can always restore the data.

I chose to not enable Cloud Key Management at the time of set up. Will it impact my setup?

Yes, Druva cannot run scheduled backups of your data if Cloud Key Management is disabled.

Having said that, you can still run manual backups.

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