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Microsoft Entra ID Overview page
Microsoft Entra ID Overview page

This article provides information on the UI options that you get on the overview page.

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Once everything is set up and ready to use, the Microsoft Entra ID Overview page provides an overview of your setup and high level data.

To access this page, you can use the hamburger menu on the top left > Microsoft Entra ID.

This page has two tabs:

In addition, it provides:


This tab provides:

  • Information about your Microsoft Entra ID tenant under the Details card.

  • Last backup status under the Backup Summary card.

  • Your backup configuration under the Backup Settings card. This card provides an option to edit your backup settings.

  • A chart on the backups that Druva ran in the last seven days under the Backup Trend card.


This tab provides a list of all snapshots and some information about each one of them. You can either select a screenshot to restore data from it, or click on it to see the snapshot viewer that provides options for granular data restore.

❗️Note: You cannot select multiple snapshots to restore data.

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