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Non-synced data resides on Phoenix CloudCache
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

Non-synched (unsynched) data is found residing on CloudCache. The causes and resolutions for this issue are explained below.

Cause: Incorrect sync schedule and bandwidth setting


Adjust the bandwidth of the CloudCache sync schedule so that all the data is flushed to the cloud. If the bandwidth is low, CloudCache takes a long time to sync data to the cloud.

Cause: New data is added to the cloud


  • Check if there was any new server or backup set added to the CloudCache.

  • Check the schedule of the sync operation. The more frequent you set the schedule, it would sync the data quicker.

Cause: CloudCache server is unable to connect to Phoenix Cloud


Cause: Corrupt CloudCache disk or an I/O issue


  • If the backup to CloudCache is failing or if there is a read operation failure, check the disk consistency by reviewing the Application and System Event logs.

  • Review the errors related to disk failures and check with the system administrator on this issue.

  • Also get in touch with Druva Support to review this information further.

Cause: Firewall device between CloudCache and Phoenix Cloud (Internet) which is tampering with the certificate.


Under CloudCache log, you would find the below error message.

ERROR] Error in uploading logs Dropped network connection. (#100000022) (Error Code: PHOENIX34)


  • Whitelist * in the proxy server with the help of the in-house networking team. This will exclude any SSL/TLS connection established by Druva. This is not just for IP whitelisting but SSL.

  • Turn off SSL/TLS termination proxy feature from the proxy server or router.

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