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Authentication failed: SAML Authentication seems to have timed out
Authentication failed: SAML Authentication seems to have timed out
Updated over a week ago

πŸ“ Note
​This article applies toOS: Mac El Capitan
Product edition: inSync client 5.4 and later


While activating the inSync Client on Mac El Captain version with SAML 2.0 settings, the SAML authentication times out and shows the following error:

πŸ“ Note
​Authentication failed SAML Authentication seems to have timed out. Please try again.

Problem description

For the first time when you try to activate the device using SAML, Chrome shows a pop-up with two preferences - Do Noting and Launch Application, with a checkbox labeled Remember my choice for all links of this type.If you select the checkbox and click Do Nothing, the preference is set permanently. Chrome does not have a provision to disable or reset this preference. Even resetting Chrome to its default setting does not disable or revoke the preference.


Subsequently, when you try to activate inSync Client on Chrome using iDP credentials, Chrome displays the SSO login successful message. However, due to the preference setting, inSync Client activation does not succeed.


Use any one of the following solutions:

  • Set Safari as your default browser. Using Safari, you can directly activate and open inSync Client.

  • Uninstall and then reinstall Chrome browser. Make sure you also delete the Chrome settings when you uninstall Chrome, so that it does not pick up the same settings after you reinstall Chrome. For steps on uninstallation, see Uninstall Google Chrome.

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