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How to add column (fields) for a specific object under the data template
How to add column (fields) for a specific object under the data template
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Under the record selection you can view the records under a specific object. These records consist of the fields(columns). But if there are some additional fields corresponding to the records within the object and you want the same to be displayed under the record selection view follow the below procedure


1. Click on the gear icon settings under the “Record selection “ .

2. You will observe the Column selection window.

3 On the left-hand side you will see the Available Column section and on the right-hand side, you will observe the Selected columns basically the fields which are displayed under the “Record Selection” tab.

4. Select the required columns from the ‘available columns’ field and click on the

button to add the column in the selected columns field.

5. In a similar way you can remove the columns from the selected columns section by selecting the column and clicking on

the option.

6. You can sort the columns to be displayed according to the priority by clicking on

the option.

7. Click on apply to update the changes.

❗ Important

Select Columns (at least 10 and at most 20). Note: We are not displaying fields that are of type textarea and blob.

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