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How to restore the data of a preserved user in inSync
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This article explains how to restore and download the data for preserved users. This information is helpful if you want to access or check the data backed up for preserved users before deleting the user or device. To understand the difference between preserved users and deleted users, see Preserve, enable, and delete users. For more information on preserved user licenses, see Preserve Users.

When you preserve a user, by default all the devices of that user are disabled. But, inSync retains the user's backed up data as per the backup retention policy. All snapshots that do not meet the criteria defined in the retention policy are auto-deleted. However, inSync always retains the last backed up snapshot of a device until the device is deleted.

โ— Important

If you want to preserve all the snapshots of the device after preserving the user, you must put that user on Legal Hold.

Users are preserved in inSync using one of the following methods:

  • Manual - The user is manually marked as preserved through the inSync Management Console.

  • AD/LDAP - The user is marked as preserved as part of the AD/LDAP sync process.

Restore Data of Preserved Users

All devices of Preserved Users are disabled. If you want to restore data from any device of the preserved user, you must activate the user first before restoring the data on the device.


  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console.

  2. Select the preserved user and click Activate User.

  3. Click Restore > Manage Snapshots.

  4. Select the snapshot that you want to restore

  5. Click Restore.
    You can restore the data to the Original location or the Desktop, or to a custom location.

Download Data of Preserved Users

Apart from restoring the data, you can also download the data of preserved users if you want.

  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console.

  2. Select the preserved user and click Activate User.

  3. Click Restore.

  4. Select the file or folder that you want to download.

  5. Click Download.
    The data would be downloaded to the desired location.

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