Preserve, enable, and delete users
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License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.

The following table lists the tasks that you require to create other inSync administrators.


This section contains information on how you can, based on your organization requirement, preserve, re-activate, or delete inSync users using the inSync Management Console.

Differences between preserving and deleting users

The following table lists the differences between preserved and deleted users.


Preserved Users

Deleted Users

inSync license



Data backup and share



Backup data

Retained on storage

Deleted from storage

inSync Share data

Retained on storage

Deleted from storage

Data restore

Administrators can download data of preserved users.

๐Ÿ“ Note

Administrators cannot access user data if users prevented administrator access to data.


Quota restrictions

Continue to apply

Not applicable

Revert to a previous state (for example, from disabled to enabled)

Yes. Users can resume backup and sharing after an administrator enabled them.

Not possible

In this section

The following table lists the actions that you can perform on the users to change their state in inSync.



Preserve users in inSync

Re-activate users in inSync

Delete users in inSync

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