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How to modify the SMTP reply e-mail address
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When an inSync user receives his credentials by e-mail, that e-mail has the 'reply to' address as no-reply. The administrator can change this no-reply address to their help desk or their own e-mail address, so that users can reply with questions, if any. This article explains how to change the SMTP reply address.

Modifying the SMTP reply address

To modify the SMTP reply e-mail address:

  1. Stop theinSync Serverservice.

  2. Stop theinSync Server Control Panelservice.

  3. Open the β€˜C:\inSyncServer4’ directory.

  4. Open theinSyncServer.cfgfile with Notepad.

  5. Search for the string 'SMTP_REPLYTO' .
    It will be like:

    SMTP_REPLYTO = ' '
  6. Edit this string and replace ' ' with new e-mail address. Put the e-mail address in single quotes.
    The edited string will look like:

    SMTP_REPLYTO = ' '
  7. Save the file and exit.

  8. Start theinSync Serverservice.

  9. Start theinSync Server Control Panelservice.

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