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How to enable Mi-Fi and Hotspot Detection for inSync Client?
How to enable Mi-Fi and Hotspot Detection for inSync Client?
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inSync 5.6 now enables end-users to disable endpoint backups via personal mobile hotspots and Mi-Fi devices. To enable the detection, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article.


  1. Log in to inSync Cloud.

  2. Select Profile and choose the desired Profile.

  3. Under Laptop Backup Schedule, enable the option - Allow users to opt out of networks for backup.

  1. With the option enabled, the inSync Client window will look like the following screenshot.

  1. The users can select the hotspot connection and different 3G/4G network which they wish to block.

  2. After the selected network is blocked, the network’s name will be listed under Blocked Network list.

  1. When the backup runs from a blocked network, the user gets the following error.


Applies to

inSync Cloud, on-premise and inSync Client running v 5.6

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