Temporary location directories for restored data
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During devicereplace, all the user data from the old device which is marked for replace is restored at a temporary location on the new device.

For both, AD and non-AD users, user profile data will be restored at the temporary locations. Even data whose drive is not present on the new device will be restored at the temporary locations.

Temporary restore location directory for Windows

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4\device_refresh_data

Temporary restore location directory for Mac

Mac: /Library/Application Support/inSync/device_refresh_data

Quick folders

are stored in ##{{ Quick_Configs}} folder, like this:

device_refresh_data/<email ID of the user>/##{{Quick_Configs}}/Desktop
device_refresh_data/<email ID of the user>/##{{Quick_Configs}}/Pictures
device_refresh_data/<email ID of the user>/##{{Quick_Configs}}/Home/some_folder


There are five types of wildcards:

%homedir%/%home%/%userprofile%: these will be stored here: device_refresh_data/<email ID of the user>/##{{Wildcard_Shares}} %appdata%: this will be saved in device_refresh_data/<email ID of the user>/##{{Appdata_Wildcard}}

If the wildcard share path does not start with the wildcard itself, then it is restored at the original location.
%username%: this will be restored on the destination device at the original location from where it was backed up

“All Drives” or all users’ homes or the specific user’s home

If these were configured as an absolute path on the source device, then the home folders(s) will be restored like these:

device_refresh_data/##{{User_Profiles}}/User Namedevice_refresh_data/##{{User_Profiles}}/some_other_user_on_source_machine

📝 Note
Only the current user’s profile in this folder will be moved and not the other profiles present in this folder.

Drive/Volume not present

If a volume or drive, for example, E:\ drive, which was present and backed up on the old device is not present on the new device then it is restored at the following location:


All other

fsets/files will be stored at their original locations.

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