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eDiscovery Download Client requires an activation token during registration. You can generate activation token from the inSync Management Console. For registration, you must have access to the machine where you installed the client, and also to the inSync Management Console.

Before you start the registration process, ensure you have successfully installed the eDiscovery Download Client and have administrator privileges for the device so that you can register the client. Only after you successfully register the eDiscovery Download Client, you can download the data.

💡 Tip

It is recommended that you whitelist the following global URL for the public cloud to establish a connection between the client and server:


  1. Click the global navigation icon to access the Global Navigation Panel and click Data Governance > eDiscovery.

  2. In the left pane, click eDiscovery Download Clients.

  3. Click Register eDiscovery Download Client.

  4. In the Client Name field, enter a name that will help you easily identify this client that you are about to install on the data source. As you have the option to install clients on multiple machines, a generic name might be confusing and will make it difficult for you to identify which client is installed on which machine.

  5. (OPTIONAL) In the Default Download Location field, enter the path where you want to download the data. If you are unsure about the path, you can define it later from the eDiscovery Download Clients page.

  6. Click Generate Activation Token.
    An Activation Token is generated to activate this particular client. We recommend that you store this information securely so that it’s handy when you must register the client. If you lose the activation token, you cannot retrieve it from the inSync Management Console. You will need to re-generate the activation token and register the client.

  7. Download the client installer for your data source and install the client. But, ensure that you are aware of the hardware and software prerequisites of the eDiscovery Download Client. For more information, see Install the client on a Windows device or Install the client on a Mac device.

  8. Open the client you just installed.
    You should see the start registration screen.​

  9. Click Start Registration, and enter the Client ID and activation Token that you generated for this client.

  10. (OPTIONAL) Select GovCloud if your organization is using inSync GovCloud.

  11. (OPTIONAL) Enter the proxy details if you want to download the data using a proxy.

  12. Click Register.
    On successful registration, you will see a Successfully Registered message.​

A successful registration creates an audit trail entry so that it is easier to trace who and when registered a client.

Registration creates a secure connection between the eDiscovery Download Client and inSync Cloud so that you can easily download data.

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