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Download Groups data
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In this topic, let's understand how to download the backed-up data for Groups. You can download the Groups settings in the .zipformat. The restore view enables you to download only groups data. If you want to download site-specific data, you have to navigate to the SharePoint site.

๐Ÿ“ Note

  • On Windows OS, if the compressed zip file size is too large, you may get an error unzipping the file by using Windows Explorer. In such scenarios, you may choose another utility to unzip such large data sets.

  • If a Group Site is quarantined then the corresponding entire group is quarantined. You cannot perform a full restore on this quarantined group data.

  • You cannot restore or download the data if the associated group site is quarantined.

Watch this video on how to download Groups data


  1. Sign in to Druva Cloud Platform Console and navigate to Microsoft 365 > Groups.

  2. Click the Group name you want to download the backed-up data for. The Groups details page is displayed if you select an enabled group. If the group is not configured for backup, you need to configure the Group settings first and then trigger the backup activity. For more information about configuration, see Configure Druva inSync to protect Groups data .

  3. Click Restore Data .

  4. Use the snapshot selector to select the snapshot from which you want to download the data and click Download .
    The site collection is downloaded in a <inSync-Groupname>.zip format.

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