Restore Activity report
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All restore activities during a specified period.

The following table lists the fields in the Restore Activity Report area.




The name of the user.


The email address of the user.

Data Source

The name of the device that is registered for the user.


The profile that is assigned to the user.


The type of restore operation based on its origin. For example, Admin, Web, self, or mobile.

System Settings Restore

The status of whether the device's system settings were restored.

πŸ“ Note

If the restore activity was done before upgrading, inSync displays '-' as the value in this column.

No of files

The number of files that were selected for restore.

Restore Size (MB)

The number of bytes in MB that were restored.


The status of the restore operation.

Files Skipped

The number of files that were missed from the restore activity.

πŸ“ Note

This feature will be available with the inSync Client 6.5.0 which will be released by end of September 2019.

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