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VM backups failing with INTERNAL65535 due to ESX host is not licensed
VM backups failing with INTERNAL65535 due to ESX host is not licensed
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Problem description

VM backups failing with Error: INTERNAL65535


ESX host is not licensed


level=error ts=2024-02-20T13:39:59.3110452Z filename=ovf.go:132 Method=DeployOVF Message="Failed at ImportVApp" ErrorMessage="ServerFaultCode: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution of the requested operation." stack="goroutine 1 [running]:\nruntime/debug.Stack()\n\tC:/goboringssl/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x65\*fileLogger).Error(0xc000e89640,


Check if vStorage APIs are installed in ESX Host.

  1. Log in to vSphere Client or ESX/ESXi host:

  2. Open the vSphere Client or connect to the ESX/ESXi host through your preferred method.

  3. Highlight the ESX/ESXi Host:

  4. Navigate to the inventory and highlight the specific ESX/ESXi host you want to check.

  5. Access Configuration Tab:

  6. Click on the "Configuration" tab at the top of the vSphere Client interface.

  7. Check Licensed Features for vStorage APIs:

    • In the "Licensed Features" section, locate and verify whether vStorage APIs are enabled.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹ NOTE

  • If the ESX/ESXi host is not licensed for these options please contact VMware to obtain the vStorage APIs license.

  • Virtual Machines can be protected by File Server Workload Option by installing Phoenix Agent on the Servers if the vStorage APIs license is not currently enabled.

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