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Change the agent metadata location on Windows server to avoid backup failure
Change the agent metadata location on Windows server to avoid backup failure
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This article applies to Phoenix Cloud


When you install Phoenix agents on your servers, the Phoenix folder is created on the primary partitions. This folder contains configuration details that Phoenix agents require to communicate with the Phoenix Master

The size of the metadata depends on the size of the data that is backed up or restored. With each backup or restore, the metadata grows in size. If the metadata consumes nearly all the free space on your partition, backups from the servers might fail. To avoid this issue, consider changing the default location of the agent metadata.

Change the agent metadata location

  1. Stop the Phoenix service.

  2. Create a folder Phoenix at a new location. For example D:\New Phoenix.

  3. Create a copy of restorestate and <agentid> at the newly created Phoenix folder.

    📝 Note
    The restorestate and <agentid> are available at:

    • Windows 2012 and 2008: C:\ProgramData\Phoenix

    • Windows 2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Phoenix.

  4. Open the Phoenix.cfg file in a simple text editor.

  5. Add the CUSTOM_CONFIG_DIR parameter in the following format:
    For example, if the new location is D:\New Phoenix\Phoenix, the parameter will look like CUSTOM_CONFIG_DIR=” D:\New Phoenix\Phoenix”.

  6. Save the file.

  7. Start the Phoenix service.

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