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Searching for files on devices
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This article describes the options to search files in the restore points. When a particular file is missing or has been accidentally deleted from your device, you can recover it using your inSync client.

Launching restore options

To recover a particular file, right click the inSync tray icon or double-click the inSync tray icon.

You will get the below options:


Select Restore or Launch inSync Web.


Double click the inSync tray icon to launch the inSync window.


Select Restore or click the inSync Web URL. This opens the inSync Restore w indow.

Restore from inSync Client

The Restore option allows quick restoration of data without the need of your inSync credentials.

It is more convenient when you are in possession of your device and the restore of files is to be done on the device itself. The Search bar allows you to quickly find the required files by name or by file extensions.

Your devices are listed on the left and the snapshots are listed below them. Enter the file name or extension in the Search box, and click the search icon. The matching files are listed below.


Select the file, and then click Restore. The file will be restored to its original location on the device.

inSync Web URL Restore

The Launch inSync Web option launches an inSync Restore window in a web browser, unlike the Restore option which opens the Restore window within the inSync application itself.

The Search option allows you to find the files with ease.


The inSync Web URL Restore can be very useful when you want to retrieve your files remotely. You have access to important files even when you do not have access to your laptop or desktops.

πŸ“ Note
​This is available only when the inSync server is accessible via WAN. To use this functionality, you should be aware of their inSync account credentials, as you need to log in to the interface.


Once logged in, you can search and restore the files which you require.


Select the file from the search results and click Download.

inSync Mobile app - Search files

To view a particular backed up file:

1. Tap My Data.

2. Tap to select a device.

3. The next screen displays its latest snapshot.

4. Tap the snapshot and the folders within till you see a list of files.


πŸ“ Note
​ To access an earlier restore point, tapit in the list of snapshots.

6. Now tap the name of the file that you want to view.

7. The inSync app will open it for you, either directly or through an appropriate application.

Cannot find a file?

You may have multiple devices and therefore in order to find a file, you must select the device from which it was backed up. To switch between different devices, you just need to click the device name in the left pane of the Restore window.

The following screen shows that there are two devices and a file search in the second device gave a different search result compared to the earlier example.


If you are still unable to find the desired file, please contact your inSync administrator for further assistance.

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