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How to reset inSync Admin password from inSync Admin Console?
How to reset inSync Admin password from inSync Admin Console?
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OS: Windows and LinuxProduct edition: inSync On-Premise


This article describes how to reset inSync Administrator password in an On-Premise deployment.

Reset administrator password

When you have forgotten your administrator password or you have entered wrong credentials, the login windows shows an "Invalid user name or password" error.

To reset an administrator password, you need to login to inSync Management Console using another administrator credentials and follow the steps given below:

  1. Click wheel icon on the inSync Management Console menu bar and select Administrators.

  2. Click on the administrator for whom you want to reset the password.

  3. Click Reset Password and then click Yes on the message dialog box.
    The new password is emailed to the administrator's email account.

If you are not able to reset password using another admin account, if you are the sole administrator, or if no other admin credentials are available, use the following steps to reset the admin password for respective operating systems.

On Windows:

  1. Start inSync on your system.
    On Windows 2008R2, click on Start > All Programs > Druva inSync Master > inSync Master Management Console.
    On Windows 2012 and later, you can use the search option from the Start menu to find inSync Master Management Console.
    inSync Management Console displays inSync Server Initial Configuration Wizard as shown below.

  2. Enter your e-mail address and the new password in the respective fields.
    Do not change the Port Number for inSync Web Console while resetting the password. Keep the port number same as it was configured during the initial configuration. This will not have any impact on the configuration.

  3. Click Finish.
    You should be able to login with the new password set in this process.

On Linux:

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. Change the current working directory to /opt/Druva/inSyncCloudServer/sbin.

  3. Run the following command:
    โ€‹sudo -a

  4. Provide the appropriate information for each prompt.

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